Torus helps banks and payment service providers to manage card schemes fees and optimize them

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$10 000 000 000
banks and payment service providers overpay in card schemes fees per annum
Typical reasons for excessive costs
Lack of resources
Cumbersome structure of fees is rapidly changing over time and requires a lot of time and resources to be analyzed manually
Interoperability issues
Different organizational units involved in the analysis with no single data source
Lack of expertise
Limited availability of capabilities in the market and risks of losing internal expertise in case of 1-2 leavers
Torus provides a cloud-based analytics solution to manage card schemes fees and optimize them by 20%, which is
•Improves products performance management
•Recommendation engine to realize cost saving
User friendly
•Simple way to analyze card schemes fees
•Unified simple structure for all card schemes
Plug & play
•Cloud-based / on-prem interactive dashboards
•Utilizing existing data with minimum integration needed
Overview and categorization
Allocation and comparison
Costs optimization
Merchant-level P&L
Merchant drill-down
Costs overview, grouping and benchmarking
•Static & dynamic overview
•Key metrics: cost per txn, cost per volume, etc.
•Proprietary categorization
Compare fees by schemes / products / channels / geo
•Drill-down by schemes, channels, geo, products
•Structure dynamics
Optimize costs by a set of recommended actions
•Cost saving potential
•Recommended actions
•Drill-down to related lines in particular invoices
Performance overview
•Static & dynamic overview
•Merchant-level performance analysis
•Costs structure overview
P&L by geo / MCC / products / issuers
•Drill-down by geo, tariff groups
•Top and bottom-performing merchants
•Drill-down by merchant categories, card types, issuers and issuers geo
$0.75 per card
of annual savings are in average enabled by Torus solution
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Card schemes fees control is a mess. Torus is here to fix it.
About us
Torus was founded in 2020 by to fight the problem of evergrowing card scheme fees and improve the efficiency of payments market.
With offices in Vilnius, Milan and Moscow we enable our customers worldwide to get granular understanding of the costs spent on card scheme fees, reconcile them, unleash the potential for costs savings and keep the cost leve optimal in the long run.
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