Torus opens office in the Benelux – new milestone in its growth strategy

The office will be led by Jaap Ringnalda and Hans den Adel, both seniors in the industry
Vilnius, 21.08.2023
Torus, headquartered in Vilnius (Lituania), is proud to announce that is has opened a new office in Utrecht (NL) to accelerate the growth for the company in general and in the Benelux region in particular. This is the third office following openings in Italy (Milan) and the USA (Delaware). Hans den Adel, previously working as CCO for Worldline Merchant Services, and Jaap Ringnalda, previously working as managing partner for Orchard Finance, will set up and lead this operation. Torus provides an unique analytics platform that unlocks the power of data and drives card business profitability for issuers and acquirers. The interest in the solution is growing, especially in this part of Europe, as the importance of card payments in the payments mix grows and managing its profitability becomes more important than ever.
”I am proud to take the next step of growth with my company by setting up local representation in the Benelux, after the opening of offices in Italy (Milan) and the United States (Delaware). I appreciate that Hans and Jaap will take the opportunity to grow the business and the organization close to the customers and I’m confident we will be successful as both have a distinguished track record in the payment industry with relevant experience of more than 20 years each.”

Kirill Lisitsyn, Torus CEO
“We are excited about this cooperation as the platform has unique capabilities today driving the profitability of the card business of major banks and payment service providers and has huge potential for the future as result of the digital payments trend. We wrapped services around the platform to make sure the insights of increase of profitability of the cards business are realized.”

Jaap Ringnalda
About Torus:

Torus believes digital payments, cornerstone of the cashless society, will become a real data-driven business and our ambition is to be at the forefront of this wave into a better future by providing more insights through our analytics platform. This starts with providing card issuers and merchant acquirers services to decrease cost and increase revenue and control (transparency) in an unequalled way. The Torus Analytics Platform enables issuers and acquirers to analyze scheme fees, manage control unit-level profitability and optimize pricing. In addition the Torus Consulting capabilities will advise and support to unlock the potential, ranging from joint business case production, implementation to actual repricing tracks to generate the profits forecasted.