Sifted Names Torus Among Top 30 Young Fintechs for BaaS Industry

London, 07.07.2023
London, UK - Sifted, a leading media brand for the European startup community, has recognized Torus as one of the top 30 young fintechs for the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) industry. Torus, a SaaS intelligence platform for banks and payment providers, was selected for its innovative technology and potential to transform the financial services sector.

The BaaS industry is rapidly growing, with more and more companies seeking to offer banking services through partnerships with established financial institutions. Torus provides a solution that enables banks and payment providers to stay at the competitive edge at the same having a 360-degree control over products profitability.

Sifted's list of top 30 young fintechs was compiled based on a range of factors, including market traction, growth potential, and innovation. The list is intended to highlight the most promising startups in the BaaS industry and provide insights into the future of finance.
"We are thrilled to be recognized by Sifted as one of the top fintechs for the BaaS industry. Our platform is designed to help banks and payment providers stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market by providing them with the tools they need to materially improve their business profitability."

Kirill Lisitsyn, Torus CEO
About Torus

Torus is a SaaS intelligence platform for payment providers and banks to boost their profits on card transactions. Torus helps card issuers and acquirers to pay less fees to card schemes by better analysing their billing data and to earn more per transaction by running card-/ merchant-level profitability analysis and optimising product pricing. Torus is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.